Sunday worship services at FBC Counce are the highlight of our week. People come into the sanctuary excited about the opportunity to worship Christ through song, prayer and sermon. At one time or another, most of us have likely been in a church where no one seemed enthusiastic about worship, like they couldn't wait to go home. Why spend your Sunday in an atmosphere like that? Here at Counce, you'll notice that people are excited to be in God's house. Folks aren't here out of obligation. They're here because they want to be here, spending time with their church family and worshipping Jesus.

When you come into the sanctuary before service, you'll likely hear some music in the background, whether it's being played by our musicians or through the sound system. Most people make their way into the sanctuary around 10:00, and spend the next few minutes meeting and greeting old friends and new acquaintances. As the clock approaches 10:15, you’ll notice that most people are making their way to a seat, as the service is about to begin. 

Most Sundays we will open the service with a song or two in order to set the tone for the day’s worship service. Next, Bro. Jimmie will usually open with prayer, welcome everyone and invite the whole congregation to take a few moments to shake hands and say hello to anyone they didn’t get to see before the service. You might notice that some folks take this opportunity to walk all over the sanctuary, shaking hands and hugging people. After this time of fellowship, we’ll usually sing a few more songs. After some more singing, Bro. Jimmie will come and preach a message from God’s Word. If you have never been in one of our services, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how relatable and applicable his sermons are. You’ll probably laugh and you might even cry, but you’ll always hear God speaking through Bro. Jimmie as he combines Biblical knowledge, real-life experiences, common sense and humor to deliver a God-inspired message that challenges everyone to examine themselves in order to form a closer relationship with Jesus. He’ll also tell you how to receive Jesus as your personal savior, if you haven’t already done so. 

As he closes his message, Bro. Jimmie will offer an invitation for anyone who needs to make a public decision. This is a time where people can come forward and make a public profession of their faith in Christ, join the church as a member, pray with the pastor, or simply approach the altar and pray silently. This is a solemn time accompanied by music, where most people sing or pray silently. 

After the time of invitation has ended, ushers will make their way down the aisles, passing plates for people to give their tithes and offerings. If you’re a guest, please don’t feel obligated to put money in the offering plates! We’re just glad you’re here. During this time, there will usually be some more music, either by our musicians or a featured soloist or group. 

Once the offering has been collected, anyone who has come forward to make a decision will be introduced so that the church can celebrate with them! This is one of the most exciting times in the life of a church, when we get to welcome someone new. Before the service closes our Senior Pastor will come forward to make any important announcements, followed by a closing prayer. 

We think that you’ll love the time of worship at First Baptist Counce. Whether you’re a new member, a guest or a life-long attender, we hope that you feel the power of Jesus during our worship services. If there is anything we can do to make your time here at FBC Counce more enjoyable, let us know!